Get a Quality Swimming Pool at a Great Price,
For This Summer!

Fiberglass Pools Allow For a High Quality Installation With Quick Turnaround Times

Most swimming pool companies can’t keep up with the increase in demand and availability of skilled labor for installing a traditional inground pool kit.   The Fiberglass Pool advantage is that your new swimming pool is delivered to you ready to place in the ground.  Have your swimming pool installed within a few days.

Our vast selection of fiberglass swimming pool designs gives you a variety of options to create the ultimate backyard paradise in record time.

About Fiberglass Pool Distributors

We strive to deliver a backyard paradise without all the hassles and headaches of a traditional swimming pool construction process.  Fiberglass pools are durable, low maintenance, and algae-resistant.  Most importantly they arrive at your property in one piece ready to install in just a few hours.  Our goal is to take you from order to swimming in as little time as possible!


Fiberglass Pool Distributors is the Official Fibratec Shell Distributor for the USA.

We will save you time and money while offering your customers the best pools available.

Concrete pools can take months to finish and require nearly perfect weather conditions when placed. Fiberglass Pool Distributors pools are easier to install as they are manufactured off-site and arrive in one piece, ready to go in the ground. To ensure your customers are satisfied, our fiberglass pools are available in many different shapes and sizes. In addition, a variety of features like built-in water features and unique lighting options make it easy to please any customer.